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Welcome to FILM.MD - the meeting place for those who love movies.

The lack of a national distribution network, the increase in the number of recently released national films, and the limited access of consumers to authentic cinematic cultural products are the context for which we created FILM.MD.

At the same time, was born from our passion and ambition to project domestic films, international hits, and treasures from the national/world archive directly into the regions of Moldova - both in cities and various communities.

We are an enthusiastic team of filmmakers and professionals in the field of technological innovations, united to meet the needs of four exceptional groups: you - our loyal audience; film producers/distributors, local public administrations who share our vision, and commercial partners.

1. FILM.MD for you and for the wide audience passionate about movies

We bring beloved films with mobile screenings (open air) or traditionally set screenings in unconventional spaces, such as cultural houses or alternative locations.

Discover the Schedule of screenings in the Moldovan regions and Buy Tickets for the films that caught your attention, preparing for an unforgettable cinematic experience on the big screens with friends and family.

2. FILM.MD for Producers and Distributors of films

We offer a vibrant stage as a new market for the films we represent.

We protect intellectual property with a specially developed encoding system to manage films remotely, minimizing staff interaction with precious files. As filmmaker co-authors, we emphasize the quality of cinematic experiences, so whether we organize an open-air event or in a cultural house, we prefer to project films on screens with German canvases, Japanese projectors, and sound made in Italy.

We encourage you to collaborate with us to bring your films to a diverse audience. Contact us and let's create a success story for your projects in Moldova!

3. FILM.MD for Local Leaders

Are you a Mayor, Local Councilor, or Community Leader? can be your partner in bringing a cinematic experience to your locality. We can organize mobile screenings - open air in special locations, cultural houses, or unusual spaces. Furthermore, we can propose a Partnership Agreement to establish sustainable measures that benefit all participants (the community, the venue manager, the local budget, etc.)

Contact us to bring the magic of film to the heart of the community.

4. FILM.MD for Commercial Partners

With its format and concept, FILM.MD will become a Promotional Platform for brands, companies, institutions, products, and services. We have proven time and again that a big screen and the right content in a friendly atmosphere can be convincing. Now, imagine more big screens, and let's discuss. We are optimistic that things will evolve quickly, and the slot for partners could be limited.


We have a solid experience in promoting high-caliber films and organizing film events such as:







The development of the FILM.MD platform is the first segment of technological innovation within the startup complex RAVAC - Alternative Audio Visual Network of Cinemas and fits harmoniously into the priorities of Objective No. 4 of the "MOLDOVA EUROPEAN 2030" NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY, including:

  • Supporting independent artistic initiatives, including identifying spaces for shows and other activities, and developing sustainable financial mechanisms to support the independent scene;
  • Expanding access to opportunities and cultural activities;
  • Valuing heritage, traditions, and cultural diversity;
  • Providing opportunities for personal development and active citizenship;
  • Developing and implementing policies to promote sustainable tourism and create public-private partnerships;
  • Creating a more intense, higher-quality, and diverse cultural environment to strengthen the sense of belonging and community.


We believe that FILM.MD in its ideal form is a project with numerous contributions to our country, such as:

A. Culture and Local Identity:

  • Cinematic diversity: promotes screenings of domestic and international films, contributing to the cultural diversity of Moldova.
  • Support for local producers: Local productions, such as CARBON, VARVARA, TUNETE, and other national films, receive a platform for valorization, supporting the creation and promotion of authentic Moldovan content.

B. Education and Personal Development:

  • Access to educational content: Through special screenings and collaborations with educational institutions, brings films with educational value, supporting the learning process of the wider audience.
  • Cultural events in schools and universities: The project can contribute to organizing cultural events in schools and universities, offering educational opportunities beyond the school curriculum.

C. Economy and Local Development:

  • Culture as an economic engine: can become an engine for local economic development, attracting new audiences and economic agents supporting related industries.
  • Partnerships with local public administrations: Collaboration with local public administrations can create successful partnerships, bringing investments into the immediate infrastructure of cultural spaces and directly/indirectly supporting other relevant activities in the cultural field.

D. Innovation and Technology:

  • Coding solutions for intellectual property protection: The technology used by to protect films supports innovation and provides an efficient solution for intellectual property protection.
  • Digital platform: Developing and managing a digital platform for ticket sales and event promotion brings technology to the cultural level, stimulating innovation in the film industry.

E. Social Cohesion and Civic Participation:

  • Cultural events in communities: Open-air screenings in communities and cultural houses bring people together, stimulating social cohesion and civic participation.
  • Support for local projects: Through collaborations with local producers and distributors, supports cultural projects in diverse communities, encouraging the active participation of citizens.

FILM.MD brings the magic of cinema directly to the heart of your community to inspire you through collective and emotionally charged experiences. I believe with all responsibility that the seventh art - cinematography, the field to which I have dedicated over 20 years, can bring about major changes in our society, contributing to culture, education, and the economy following the model of highly developed states.

Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr.

Co-founder YOUBESC, RAVAC;