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Status: Special Screening
Production year: 2022
Length: 104 min.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Age restrictions: 12+
Country: Moldova, Republic of, Romania, Spain
Original title: CARBON
Director of photography: Ruben Agadjanean
Director: Ion Bors
Scenario: Mariana Starciuc
Composer: Serghei Kharlamov
Costumes: Lilia Ixari
Scenography: Elena Porumbescu
Music: Mihai Dolgan, Liviu Stirbu
Montage: Sergiu Barajin
Sound: Roman Bordei
Administration: Ion Bors
Distribution (actors): Dumitru Roman, Ion Vantu, Igor Caras


Moldova, early 90s: DIMA, a tractor driver, wants to be enrolled in the military troops to take part in the local war on the Transnistrian border. VASEA, an Afghanistan war veteran, joins him. While on their way to the front, they find a carbonized body. Authorities ignore them without helping to identify the body. Dima and Vasea decide to bury the corpse according to the proper Christian rituals, but shortly they will go, together with the body, on an absurd journey to discover his identity.

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Ion BorČ™ was born on May 21st, 1990. In 2013 he graduated Acting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Chisinau, Moldova. Since 2017 he is the founder of the "Kantora Film Production" house and in 2018 he produced & directed his first short film "One Less One More". The film premiered and won 3 awards at the RAVAC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and was also screened during the international "Cottbus Film Festival" in Germany. "One Less One More" won best international short debut at the "Huesca Film Festival" in Spain. He starred in many moldovan films as well as providing services as Line Producer. CARBON is his debut feature film.