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Status: Coming soon
Producer: AMARCORD
Production year: 2023
Length: 90 min.
Genre: Comedy
Age restrictions: 6+
Country: Norway
Original title: DANCING QUEEN
Director of photography: Åsmund Hasli
Director: Aurora Gossé
Scenario: Silje Holtet
Composer: Mimmi Tamba
Music: Henrik Haraldsen Sveen
Montage: Helge Billing
Sound: Adrian Strumse
Administration: Aurora Gossé
Distribution (actors): Liv Elvira Kippersund Larsson, Sturla Puran Harbitz, Viljar Knutsen Bjaadal


MINA gets her world turned upside down when the famous dancer Edvin moves to her town.

She falls head over heels in love, and when he invites the local kids to an an audition for a new dance crew, Mina sees her chance and signs up. Intoxicated by love she throws herself into the excitement. But there ́s one essential thing she has forgotten:

She can’t dance!

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Aurora Gossé, born in 1987 is educated as director at The Norwegian Film School. Her graduation film «We who see in the dark» won the Critics Award at The Short Film Festival in Grimstad in 2015 and was nomina-ted for the Students Academy Awards the same year. With the music video “Echo” she won This Years Talent at VidAwards in 2016 and got an honorable mention at The Short Film Festival in Grimstad. It was also shortlisted for the Nordic Music Video Awards.