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Status: Special Screening
Production year: 2023
Length: 75 min.
Genre: Drama
Age restrictions: 12+
Country: Moldova, Republic of, Romania
Original title: THUNDERS
Director of photography: Nicu Dragan, Ioane Bobeica
Director: Ioane Bobeica
Scenario: Ioane Bobeica
Composer: Octavian Cotet
Costumes: Victoria Rotaru
Scenography: Cristian Ceban
Music: Octavian Cotet
Montage: Sergiu Barajin, Ioane Bobeica
Sound: Roman Bordei
Administration: Ioane Bobeica
Distribution (actors): Anatol Mirzenco, Tincuta Josan


In a poor village near the Transnistrian border, after the war of 1990, there is a mined field, still active.  IACOB is educating his daughter ZINCA in poor conditions of life, without a mother. Zinca wants to go to the school, but instead she grazes cows near mined fields. VLADISLAV,  a wealthy manager, is moving in the village, during the summer, with his wife and well educated son VICTOR. Between the kids a strong and forbidden friendship flourishes. Against his father's interdiction, Victor walks secretly with Zinca in the pasture. Suddenly they lose cows on the mined field and try to get them back by entering the restricted area. A mine explosion kills one of the cows. Iacob decides to take the situation under control.

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Ion Bobeica was born on January 20, 1993, in the village of Scoreni, Moldova. Since 2011, he has been attending Film, TV, Film, and TV courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Chisinau. He debuted as a director in 2014 at the "YOUBESC" studio with the short film "Zidul" / ”The Wall” – the screening of the short story with the same name by Jean-Paul Sartre. He then acquired the quality of director of photography and director in various student films, videos and commercials. In 2017 he wrote the script for his first feature film "Tunete" / ”Thunders”, which he was filming in the summer of 2018. Ion is developing his second feature film.