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Status: Special Screening
Producer: YOUBESC
Production year: 2023
Length: 93 min.
Genre: Drama
Age restrictions: 12+
Country: Moldova, Republic of, Romania
Original title: VARVARA
Director of photography: Ivan Grincenco
Director: Anatol Durbala
Scenario: Anatol Durbala
Composer: Pavel Malisev
Costumes: Evgheni Hudorojcov
Scenography: Gabriela Rabus
Music: Pavel Malisev
Montage: Cristian Oloi
Sound: Roman Bordei
Administration: Anatol Durbala
Distribution (actors): Tudor Turcan, Olga Anghelici, Igor Caras


Sasha works for a natural-gas company. When his wife hardly gives birth 2 months early, Sasha is searching for money to save the premature baby. Despite this, he refuses to take bribes, which threatens his job and leads to friction with his colleagues. His wife doesn’t understand him anymore. Faced with a crisis, Sasha receives an order to install a furnace in a church, where he will have to destroy an icon painted on the church wall. Hoping to save the sacred image, Sasha has to corrupt the system.

“We live in a world where the funeral matters more than the dead, the wedding more than love and the physical rather than the intellect. We live in a container culture, which despises the content.”
Eduardo Galeano





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Anatol Durbala is a Moldovan actor and director, graduate of the MHAT and editing courses in New York. He is a well-known TV host and has a PhD from Visual Arts. VARVARA is his 2nd feature film while his debut film ”What a Wonderful World” won FIPRESCI Prize @30th Warsaw IFF.